The simple complexity of the world

The world is so simple that anyone can live in it, but so complex that no one can explain it. It’s that simple. Well, you might not be able to break it down that easily, because there are people who have problems to survive in the world. Sometimes it may be their fault, but often it is without their own fault. With my introduction I only want to suggest that the world is actually so simple that most people find their way in it and lead an everyday life. But when it comes to explaining the world, you have to be careful not to despair.

You are happy when you get a new insight and think that you have understood something more again. But with every door you open, a room opens with new doors.

There are rooms that we don’t see

In order not to get lost in the thoughts about the complexity of the world, it is sometimes best to return to childlike naivety. As paradoxical as it may sound, I think you’ll find enlightenment there rather than trying to explain the world.

This is not possible anyway, because each explanation can only cover a fraction and no explanation is objective, but is always connected with certain interests. The interests become clear when one questions which questions a declaration has not asked. In most cases, the scope of a declaration is reduced in order to get closer to a topic. But that is actually too simple. But if one does not limit oneself to individual areas when trying to explain, then one tries to explain infinity. The search for it can only put you into never-ending restlessness. This restlessness can also be used as a driving force, but in between it is probably indispensable not to question or understand some things, but simply to ‘only’ do them.

Who can discover what?

It is perhaps comparable with the German tax system. Actually, it’s quite simple: everyone pays taxes to finance our state and ultimately us. Taxes flow into infrastructure, schools, the health system, etc. But due to various special regulations the tax system is so complex that a tax return will never fit on a beer mat and there is probably nobody who understands the tax law completely. Therefore, companies will always find loopholes to minimize taxes. And if the system does not change fundamentally, a tax return will never fit on a beer mat. But that’s not bad either.

You have to live with the fact that most things in life are not clear and that you cannot explain everything. The nice thing about it is that life is a never-ending adventure playground where there is always something to discover. You just have to be careful that you don’t turn upside down in it for too long, because then you might crash at some point.