Art is more than making artifacts

I create works of art by being interested in the world – always looking for new inspiration. For me, a work of art, whether material or not, is a means to an end. A waste product. What interests me most is the path to the work. The lived inspiration. Therefore I deal with topics so intensively that the ideas rush through my head and create a lasting intoxication.

But the thoughts, ideas, experiences and experiences of the creative process are not always visible in the artwork. On the contrary. Often they are not recognizable, even though they may have had a decisive influence on the work of art. That is why it is impossible to explain how an idea is conceived. An idea does not emerge linearly, but as a work of art, and the idea for it is the concatenation of many ideas and ideas.

Accordingly, my head is my most important tool and the starting point of my works. That’s why I constantly try to fill my head with new ideas, experiences and information. This helps me to generate ideas and to work out new connections.

Art is more than making artifacts is an image of the world. So as an artist you inevitably have to deal with the world. I want to get to know and understand as many areas of life as possible in order to find new ways of connecting. I am interested in art, culture, sport, politics and science. Unlike scientists and other professional groups, I work on works of art. I produce objects that you don’t actually need. They have no use and sometimes no aesthetic value. But: a good work of art touches the viewer. And that’s valuable.

Artists realize ideas that are conveyed by the work of art. The artwork interacts with the viewer. The necessary way of thinking, working and, in particular, production can also be transferred to other areas.

Artists are doers

Artists are doers and have a good feeling for how and which ideas can be realized. As an artist, you are mainly involved in the organization, planning or realization of a work of art. The idea is only a fraction. Scott Belsky, co-founder of the portfolio platform Behance, describes this in his book “Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality”: The biggest challenge for creative people is to implement an idea and market themselves and their work accordingly. Not only creative people know the problem.

In addition, artists know how to generate further ideas from ideas or how to further develop projects. I try to work in a way that allows projects to evolve through new ideas during the process. So I quickly start implementing an idea when I feel the idea has potential and then check how I can develop the idea further.

At first glance this may cost resources because of the danger of running into a dead end due to the fast implementation. But this can also happen with detailed planning, which can be saved by a quick start. And too many details may lead you to think about things that might never be implemented, because you have to correct and adapt a project over and over again in the course of implementation anyway. It can even lead to an idea never being implemented due to a wrong classification at the beginning, because you are already overwhelmed with the implementation before the beginning.

In any case, I hope that artists will also be used in other industries in the future. Because with their skills, artists can create artworks for anything and participate in many projects: in the conception of projects, in the creative implementation, marketing, press work and much more. Art for everyone. In everything. Whether or not this will happen depends not only on industries that are far removed from art, but also on the willingness and interest of the artists. But when the time comes, it will not only be possible to declare every object as art, but art would be usable for everything.